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Why people may see a therapist

Sometimes, experiences in individuals’ lives can affect how they cope with living and getting through each day. Reaching out for support takes courage and strength, so congratulate yourself for making it this far. In working together, we can identify your goals for counselling, and find the means to reach them. As the client, you direct the pace of the sessions, meaning that you decide what feels comfortable for you. I believe that everyone has the answers to their questions within them… as the counsellor, I can help you to process your experiences, identify your strengths and resources, and maximize on them, to help you to get through a difficult time. Counselling can also be an opportunity to think about yourself and the world around you in an introspective way.

Holding Hands

If you are feeling suicidal, or unsafe in any way, please call a distress line or go to your local emergency department at the hospital. You deserve to be safe, and to get the support that you need.
For adults, please call Talk Suicide Canada 1-833-456-4566
For children and youth, call Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868

My expertise

In my specialised field, I concentrate on assisting parents and caregivers whose children, regardless of age, grapple with mental health challenges. Families living with an individual facing mental health issues encounter a range of concerns, encompassing coping with stigma and isolation, advocating for their child's rights and needs, navigating crisis situations, and providing effective, supportive responses to their children. Amidst these challenges, even with a parent's profound love and desire to aid their children, the reality is that they can feel emotionally drained. They might experience moments of helplessness and find themselves exhausted from the constant efforts to provide support. How can parents extend help during these trying times? Furthermore, how do these emotions impact their relationships with their children? Managing these complexities is undeniably challenging, and I'm here to provide guidance and support through this journey.

I’m here for you, regardless of what is happening

While parenting coaching and therapy is my focus, I am open to working with anyone who feels comfortable talking to me. I am skilled at helping people cope with a variety of issues, including

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • eating disorders/disordered eating

  • self-esteem

  • addictions

  • self harming

  • suicidal ideation

  • emotion management

  • relationship issues

  • crisis intervention/management

  • grief and loss

  • trauma

  • mental health challenges/diagnoses

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