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Circus Classes

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Circus Classes

The Circus Fix, 6 Carlaw Ave. or 807 St.. Clarens Ave., Toronto, ON, by appointment only

In addition to therapy, I also coach private silks and beginner acrobatics classes. You’ll learn how to find your balance in the air, gain strength and flexibility, all while having fun! Additional benefits include learning how to be present in the body, increasing our sense of self, and body awareness.

Circus is for all body shapes and sizes – one of the many things I love about circus is that we celebrate what our bodies allow us to do, not what we look like. Classes are progressive, so you’ll feel equally accomplished and challenged with the moves and skills I’ll teach you. There are a variety of ways to use the apparatus – if you love the gentle flow of yoga, or if you’d like a more intense workout, I can make it fit for you. Any kind of movement, wherever you’re at, is beneficial.

In addition to therapy, I also coach circus classes - group and private! It's an entirely separate service, and not connected to therapy. Although, there are absolutely therapeutic benefits!

Holding Hands

Carrie Heller, LCSW developed Circus Arts Therapy out of Play Therapy, and she uses it to help families come together, and learn to create stronger bonds within them.

My main goal as a circus classes therapist is to bring some fun and lightness to topics that can often be very heavy, in individual therapy. Using concepts in Dance and Movement Therapy, we can get present with our bodies, and work on creating new neuropathways in our brains. In other words, circus can be a way for you to feel more connected with yourself, while using your body, and the apparatus, to discover, understand, and express your feelings and thoughts.

Common goals, and inadvertent benefits of Circus Classes are,

  • Feel more connected to our bodies

  • Live in the present moment

  • Develop  confidence, self-esteem, and sense of self

  • Learn to communicate their needs and boundaries more effectively, which often happens as a by-product of practicing circus

  • Rediscover a sense of safety in the body

  • Help the body move through grief and loss

  • Rekindle a sense of curiosity, freedom and self-agency

  • Reconnect with your creative, expressive, and playful self

  • Nurture self-attunement and connection with others

Those interested in Circus Classes don’t need a background in circus or any of the apparatuses, for it to be successful. We can take it at the pace of your individual skill level, and within your limits. Should you have the experience or strength, we can adjust our activities to make it challenging and therapeutic for you.

Please get in touch via email at, for more information, fees, and booking a Circus Classes session.

About Me

I have been doing private therapy since 2015 (working in the social work/therapy field since 2001), and practicing circus arts since 2011. My niche in private practice has been for parents and caregivers of children with mental health struggles. While I enjoy supporting these sorts of concerns, I look forward to branching out, and rebranding with a more specific niche market.

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