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About Shannon

Shannon Freud, Counsellor, MSW, RSW

My counselling approach is client-centred, strengths-based, trauma-informed, and collaborative. I want to help you get to know YOU better. Maybe learn about how you manage your feelings, connect with yourself, and others, build confidence.

Prior to my full time self employment as a therapist, I worked at Kids Help Phone as a counsellor, and then as a manager.  I worked in community mental health for a couple of years, while also developing my private practice. At that agency, I worked with various families, to help them identify goals that help them feel like a family again.

Aside from work, I love to connect with family and friends. I have a couple of big passions – distance cycling, and circus arts! These are wonderful ways that I practice being mindful in my own life. I also believe that it’s important for me, as a therapist, to walk the walk – taking care of myself (even though sometimes a struggle, if I’m busy!) is important, if I’m going to be advocating for my clients to do so in their lives.

Holding Hands

Website Focus 

You might notice that my website is focused on parenting that is my main market. A common issue for my clients has been how the families cope with their children’s issues. As a result, I hope to reach those family member help them find their way as they support their loved ones.

I chose this as a focus because in my years at Kids Help Phone and York Hills, I searched for resources for parents and caregivers and found that there was a gap to be filled. While parents know their children best, they often do not know how to help them cope.

This can further complicate and exacerbate the child’s issues. Parents can be one source of support for their children; as a counsellor and therapist, I aim to help my clients develop the resources they need to be there for their kids. Healthy and supportive families create emotionally resilient and well-adjusted children.

I love working with a variety of people and am open to talking to anyone who feels comfortable opening up to me. Ultimately, counselling is about the relationship we develop – regardless of what led you to get in touch. We can use that relationship to work through your concerns.

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